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Continuing Education Workshop with Kim Gilibisco

Join Kim Gilibisco MFA, MA, PMA(r)-CPT from Intuit Movement Labs for a day of movement and learning.

9:00a - 9:50a    Pilates Mat Class, $20
10:00a - 1:00pFrom Biscuits to Bananas, 3 PMA-CECs, $125

“From Biscuits to Bananas” calls upon dancer nomenclature of taking a rigid foot, aka “a biscuit,” and transforming it into a strong, mobile foot, “a banana.” This course designed to teach participants techniques used by professional dancers to increase the range of motion and acceleration/deceleration control of the foot and ankle. Fancy Feet aren’t just for Dancers! Do your feet ache after long days at work or after performing your favorite movement activity? Do you ever feel like traditional treatment options for foot/ankle pain have failed you or only resolve pain in the short term? Articulate feet for runners, basketball players, yogis, surfers, nurses and people of all walks of life help the body absorb and transmit force!

2:00p - 5:00p    Psoftening the Psoas, 3 PMA-CECs, $125

“Psoftening the Psoas.” The Psoas is a powerful stabilizer of the spine and responsible for end range hip flexion. A hypertrophied psoas develops as part of a compensation strategy for underlying faulty motor patterns and/or injuries. Explore strategies for retraining the muscles of the hip complex (including the psoas) in an effort to offer people of all walks of life, many more years of PAIN FREE hip and spine mobility.


Earlier Event: March 17
Happy St. Patricks
Later Event: March 18