People often ask me how, at age 75, I manage to stay in such good physical shape. "Pilates" is my immediate answer. I have been coming regularly to Bodies in Balance, a beautiful, intimate studio in Madison, NJ for the past 7 years. Here I have found excellent, highly professional teachers who have geared my program to my needs and abilities. I know that dancers, when they age, often take up Pilates, and I can understand why. Pilates has given me the strength, core control and flexibility which sometimes makes me feel like a dancer! Pilates has done so much for me, and Bodies in Balance is a very special place. I couldn't recommend it more.
Cordelia M.

I came to Pilates with arthritis, knowing I would eventually need joint replacement surgery. My surgeon complimented me on the fastest recovery from a total knee replacement that he had ever experienced.

The Bodies in Balance sessions prepared me for surgery and, afterwards, helped me to get on with my active life.

Ellen G.