Continuing Education

Bodies in Balance is proud to welcome Blossom Leilani Crawford back to the studio on September 29, 2018.


10am-1pm - Cadillac Fun (3 PMA CEC's) $150
In this exciting workshop, Blossom will explore the classical Cadillac repertoire along with simple and effective twists created by her mentor, first-generation Pilates master Kathleen Stanford Grant. She will also introduce some of her own concepts and exercises based on the traditional vocabulary. It will be a fascinating journey that combines old and new exercises on the largest piece of apparatus.

As she recently told Pilates Style magazine, the Cadillac is one of Blossom's favorite pieces of equipment due to its incredible versatility. Come join us to witness her expertise and see how equal measures of fun and hard work come together on Joseph Pilates' unique invention.

2-5 pm - Round Out Your Practice In A Barrel Exploration (3 PMA CEC's) $150
During this workshop, we will dive into traditional Pilates and some not so traditional vocabulary on the Spine Corrector, Ladder Barrel and Baby Barrel.

We will look at how their shapes round out the linear exercises in Pilates and give us access to the body in ways that other pieces of equipment cannot.

In equipment sessions, the barrels can be a short addendum to a workout, but, after this workshop, you will see how an entire workout can be done on a barrel and even be improved as a result. We will explore the barrels' unique shapes and demonstrate how they can be utilized to challenge and align the spine for a variety of students.

Biscuits to Bananas with Kim Gibilisco

Biscuits to Bananas with Kim Gibilisco

Bodies in Balance offers continuing education workshops for Pilates instructors and other movement professionals. Previous instructors we have hosted include:

  • Blossom Leilani Crawford of Bridge Pilates (Wunda Straps, The Unusual Wunda Chair)
  • Kim Gibilisco of Intuit Movement Labs (Psoftening the Psoas, Biscuit to Bananas)
  • Blossom Leilani Crawford of Bridge Pilates (Kathy Grant's Cats and Beyond)
  • Deborah Lessen of Deborah Lessen Pilates and the Greene Street Studio (Pilates)
  • Sherri Betz of TheraPilates ® (Pilates for Osteoporosis)
  • Pat Guyton of Pat Guyton Pilates and Pilates Conservatory ® (Pilates on the Spine Corrector)
  • Phoebe Higgins (Pilates for Kids, Pilates on the Wunda Chair, and Advancing Your Mat Clients)
  • Halle Clarke of Mongoose Bodyworks and Balanced Body University (Repatterning the Hip Joint)
  • Rebekah Rotstein of Incorporating Movement (Osteoporosis in Depth: Recommendations and New Perspectives, Pilates for Buff Bones ® Instructor Training)
  • Michele Larsson of Core Dynamics (The Work of Eve Gentry; Scoliosis)